Historical Crisis Security Council

Dear future delegates, it is a pleasure for me to welcome you to the RSUHMUN. My name is Dmitrii Golubnichiy and I am the President of the Crisis Security Council. As for my career, I have 22 Model United Nations behind my back, and I am quite experienced in conducting sessions.

This year we will discuss the agenda which is unique for the Security Council, which has
never before been discussed during any other Model United Nations. I can promise you that the sessions will be unforgettable, heated and constructive.

See you in November, my dear delegates!
President of the Historical Crisis Security Council,
Dmitrii Golubnichiy

Dear prospective delegates of the Historical Crisis Security Council (HCSC)!  I am delighted and honoured to welcome you to the XI Moscow International Historical Model United Nations! HCSC is a very special committee that is awe-inspiring to one and all. Prepare yourself to be challenged, excited and inspired.

Daring to become a part of HCSC, you will take your diplomatic skills to the next level applying all possible efforts in order to save people’s lives and ensure international security under extreme conditions. It is definitely worth trying at least once! Each of you is responsible for the future of the International Community so beware not to miss
the chance. It is YOU who decide whether to rewrite the history or let the history repeat itself.

The presidium, in turn, will do their best to provide you with exciting agenda that will remain secret until the very last minute and enable constructive and cognitive work of our committee!

Sincerely yours,
Vice-President of the Historical Crisis Security Council,
Dmitrieva Natalia

Esteemed prospective delegates! It is with great hope and pleasure that I welcome you as the expert of the Historical Crisis Security Council.

As the romantic poet and visionary William Blake once elegantly put it, «Active Evil is better than Passive Good». What I personally would encourage you to do is to
comprehend this wisdom by trying in practice to be as active of a delegate of our
Council as possible, with either well spirited or ill-tempered intentions, but never — remain silent and passive.

The concept at work behind that year Council is as simple as that: you bring your
competence, background and fast-thinking to the table to get in exchange a high-quality
modeling experience of which there is going to be a plenty. I can assure you with utmost
certainty that none of the delegates will be able to forget that session of the Security

We present you with an opportunity to compete against the best, giving you the Council
which is not only different from others like it per se, but provides you with quite unusual
adventure you are compelled to remember for years to come. Competition, therefore, is
to be tough, and even more so as we make an attempt to relive quite challenging and
uneasy times, of which you have probably never heard. The delegates will have to be
concerned not with the prize awaiting for them at the end of the road, but with their
proper survival in this demanding era they are to re-imagine.

It is my profound belief that we as a committee are capable to deal with the issue at
hand (which is of utter complexity, though I shall speak about the agenda no more)
most efficiently. Where the very gods themselves laboured in vain, we shall be
triumphant. Or shall we not?

Yours truly,
Expert of the Historical Crisis Security Council,
Egor Tsvetaev