Historical Crisis Security Council

img_5550Honorable delegates!

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you on behalf of the Historical Crisis Security Council Presidium. I find it suiting to begin with wishing all of you the best of luck.
In normal circumstances, participation in a committee, especially in a Security Council, is difficult work. However, that hardship pales in comparison to the arduous efforts required to function as a part of a Crisis Security Council, let alone a Historical one. Anyone who experienced that strenuous difficulty understands and strives to relive the euphoric satisfaction that comes from accomplishing a seemingly unsurmountable task.

At the HCSC, we shall provide you with the pinnacle of such experiences.

As per tradition, many things shall remain shrouded in mystery. The agenda shall be kept a closely guarded secret until the very last minute. Furthermore, my wonderful team and I have worked hard to enhance the experience in numerous ways I am not currently at liberty to disclose. What I can reveal now is that the innovations you shall face will make this committee an experience that will test the very limits of your ability, that you will never be able to forget it, and that, once over, you will long to relive it.

I eagerly await to see you in the Security Council.
Andrew Dzhunkovskiy, President of the Historical Crisis Security Council

Dear prospective delegates!img_5693-5693

It is an honor for me to welcome you as the Vice-President of the Historical Crisis Security Council. I have every reason to believe that you are already intrigued by the crisis announced. After all, this is the first time we organize a Crisis committee in English as part of RSUHMUN.

The level of urgency that you will have to deal with during our sessions has no precedence in the entire Model UN history across Russia. This committee is designed to demonstrate that, from time to time, UNSC has to face an emergency that breaks out without leaving any time for prior consideration.

Thus, I issue a call: WANTED — delegates that are adept at logical reasoning, adaptive and prudent. They are called upon in order to prevent one of the most volatile crises in the history of humanity. That is, if they prove both capable and willing to do so.

I fully expect this to be an experience that one would never regret taking part in: enriching, inspiring and remarkable in every way.

I eagerly await to see you during our sessions!

Maria Gudzenko, Vice-President of the Historical Crisis Security Council


Dear Participants of the X Moscow International Historical Model United Nations 2016!

It is a great honor for me to warmly welcome you to the Historical Crisis Security Council. For many of us, this experience will be the first of such kind, and I can relate as well. For the past six years of participating in UN models, I have been trying different types of debates, including sessions with open agenda, futuristic debates, historical committees, etc. However, I have never debated in the situation, when you are powerful enough to rewrite history, but at the same time bear an all-embracing responsibility for your decisions and actions.

I am saying that not only to emphasize the uniqueness of our body, or show how jealous I am (though I really am, after all, I won’t be able to debate together with you). I want to underline that it is neither the Council’s agenda that should be considered a crisis, nor even the developments in the international arena. Each of you — is a crisis. Although we work hard to make this model extremely interesting and unpredictable, YOU are the ones who create a changeable environment, where every delegate adds their own personality and mood to every occurrence.

As John F. Kennedy once noticed, when written in Chinese, the word CRISIS is composed of two characters, one stands for DANGER and the other represents OPPORTUNITY. Dear delegates, the only thing you will know prior the Conference is the name of your respective country. No topics, no dates, no hints. But if you want to develop yourself, broaden your horizons and upgrade your knowledge and skills, I wish you to make the most of this opportunity. Good luck!

Olga V. Katina, Expert of the Historical Crisis Security Council